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Since 1995 the Dutch design couple Maarten den Hartog and Pamela Musch created many new products. Their broad interest and experience forms the basis of a unique design with the magic combination of technical innovation and fresh looks.

broad service
Studio DenHartogMusch operates both independantly and in cooperation with your team. If you contact us to 'direct' your design projects; you will be able to still manage engineering in your R&D department. We can do engineering, but don't necessarily wish to. If you let us help you by designing a specific component of a product of system, you will learn that we are flexible co-creators with multi-disciplinary team-experience.

clear terms
Designing is a customized business and the up front estimation of budget is always difficult. Our experience enables us to pre-determine the result and budget before every stage. Very practical: You will stay in control of the budget.

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"creating innovations that matter"